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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

No Writer Too Young to Publish

A lot of writers can pen their story, but only a few are determined to publish it. Titus Bonifacio was a determined one—and not even his young age could stop him from publishing his book, Landon: The Superhero of the Worlds!

At just ten years old, Titus didn’t just pen his own story; he also drew the illustrations himself! His mom, Jean M. Pioso, revealed that Titus has always showed signs of precociousness—even at eight months old. Titus, for his part, looks up to his mom as his inspiration. In fact, they travel together on the weekends to promote his book.

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Video of the Month

An Interview with a Prolific Children’s Book Author

Drawing her literary inspiration from her daughter, Xlibris author Vanessa Townsend has self-published five books to date through Xlibris. Vanessa shares her experiences and thoughts about the leading self-publishing company, which has provided her more options with a variety of publishing packages, as well as the opportunity to reach an international market.

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Featured Service

Featured Service

Bring Your Book Promotions onto the Online Airwaves

The rise of technology has paved the road for more and more ways of accessing content. An online radio interview can do wonders for your book’s marketing campaign. Connect with your readers on the airwaves and reach a wider audience, increasing your book’s readership potential and giving you that powerful marketing push.

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