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Whatever your aspirations for your book,
Xlibris has the expertise to guide you all the way

When you choose to publish your book with Xlibris,
the leading supported self-publishing services provider,
you are in control all the way—
from the delivery of the manuscript to seeing the first copy
of your completed book.

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It's All About Our Authors

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Tracey Lee

Resident of New South Wales, long time teacher, wife, and mother of two, Xlibris Australia author Tracey Lee shares the story of Lily O’Hara in What Remains.

Lily O’Hara is a young woman contentedly living her life in rural Australia. However, in order to truly have a future she will have to confront her past, make peace with the tragedies of her youth, and acknowledge how a series of cryptic events shaped her into the woman she is today. What Remains is a story about the power of the past, no matter how forgotten, in shaping a person’s future.

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Author Videos

Paula and Tommie Artis

Xlibris Authors Paula and Tommie Artis have published two books through Xlibris, O God Strengthen Our Hands and Marriage Beyond the Bed. In this video the couple share their experience publishing with Xlibris.

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Featured Service

Featured Service

Get Interviewed on Air with Stu Taylor

Want to share your story with readers? Why not do it through a radio interview hosted by a professional talk show host? With our Author Radio Interview service, we’ll connect you with highly respected and nationally syndicated business radio talk show host Stu Taylor who will interview you about your journey as an author and your book. Your 10-minute interview will be broadcasted in a US radio station of your choice and distributed to various podcasts portals online. Haven’t been interviewed before? Don’t worry. This service also includes a warm-up chat with Stu Taylor to help you prepare for the actual recording.

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