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Sharing your writings requires not only a dedicated heart for storytelling, but also an open mind for opinions and criticism. Changes—whether minor or major—are inevitable, even during marketing. Still, you can always count on Xlibris to help you all throughout, starting with this month’s special deals.

Become an author

One of the best feelings as an author is finally having your published book in your hands. You can touch it, flip pages, and share it with anyone.

Don’t pass on the opportunity to experience that unique moment as an author. Get started with our publishing packages that include all the tools you need to publish your book.

You can even take advantage of our special deal this month: a 25% discount on your chosen package! But hurry—this offer is only until 31 March.

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Start a new campaign

Your journey as an author continues even after you’ve published your book. You still have to try and reach as many readers as possible.

This is where our marketing services come into play. One promotional channel you can tap into is radio, and we can help with our Author Radio Interview with Stu Taylor service. Get interviewed on air about your work by the highly respected radio talk show host.

What’s more, you can take advantage of our 25% off special on this service—only until the end of the month.

Call your Marketing Consultant today, or send an email to to get more details.

Share your book

Sharing your work is made easier when you have copies of your book ready to sell or give away.

Always be prepared for different instances when you need copies of your book—whether it may be at literary festivals or special book events or even during simple gatherings with friends and family. The important thing is you have enough copies for the occasion.

Order any number of copies this month, and enjoy your author-exclusive discount!

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Disclaimers: The publishing offer is not valid on the Basic, Christian Novice, Poetry Classique, and Sci-Fi publishing packages. These special offers are also subject to further terms and conditions and may change without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply.