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Picture Book Resubmission - $749.00 per round

You’re the author of your book, and you should retain full creative control even after it has already been published. If you want to make changes or edits to your full-colour book once it has already been sent to the printer, we can help. We’ll apply your corrections and resubmit your file to the printer to update your work’s future copies for an additional fee.

However, there will be limitations with the corrections you can implement:

  • You can make changes to the text in galley
  • You can make changes to your book’s cover text or design
  • You can change your book’s subtitle
  • You can change your pen name
  • You may not change the title of your book and its retail price after it has gone live


If you’re submitting a revision, then the price of that service is reduced when purchased together with this service.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may apply.