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CopyEditing - Std (60K-120K words)

$0.017 per Word

Whether you're an aspiring author, just starting out, or an experienced professional, working on your latest project, objective, professional editing is an important factor in your and your book’s success.

You have worked hard to complete your manuscript, and you don’t want your work to be compromised by spelling or grammatical errors. You need every word to be correct, every sentence to flow and every paragraph to be consistent, so you go over it several times to make it perfect. But, as the saying goes “familiarity breeds blindness”. When you know what the words should say, you often don’t see what is really there. Xlibris’ professional editing staff looks at your manuscript with fresh eyes, and no preconceptions about what you mean to say. Our editors can see past the content of your words and catch misspellings, correct any grammatical missteps and check the punctuation, all designed to provide you with a professional finish to your work. And as always with Xlibris, you retain full control of your work because you are free to accept or reject the changes we suggest.

See Sample Page of an actual copyedited manuscript.

Editor’s Note: Xlibris’ Copyediting service is based on the guidelines presented in the Oxford Style guide. Spelling is based on Oxford Dictionary.

$0.017 per Word