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Google Display Network - 60 days Package


Focus your online marketing and achieve maximum visibility for your book through the Xlibris Google Display Network Marketing Services.

This service opens windows of marketing opportunities for your book with ad placements on Google-owned websites that show AdWords ads, such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube, as well as over 2 million Google partner websites, including mobile sites and apps.

The great thing is Xlibris hands over the reins to you when it comes to selecting your ad placements. You can choose whether you want your ads to automatically appear on Google-matched sites or you can choose to place your ads on your chosen websites that are part of Google’s network. You can even customise your targeting parameters such as location, age, language, audience interest, topic, keywords, and even specific websites that are part of Google’s network.

So grab this opportunity to take advantage of these powerful bespoke online marketing packages that zero in on your target readership:

Google Display Network Marketing Stand-alone (60 days)

  • Book advertisement creation in different formats: website text ads, website image ads, and mobile website ads
  • Ad placement on the Google Display Network for 60 days

When you use your existing Xlibris-designed website as a landing page, up to 10 GB of excess bandwidth per month is covered by this service.

Reach your target audience with Xlibris Google Display Network Marketing Service today!