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Digital Discovery


A great way for your e-book to get noticed in this digital age is to get people to share, tweet, or repost content about it on social media.

So why not do just that? With the Xlibris Digital Discovery Service, you can entice your readers or followers to share your book by giving them an incentive: a free preview of your book!

  • BookStub™ cards – These are plastic cards that display your full-colour book cover on the front and a promo code on the back that readers can use to access your book digitally.

  • BookGrabbr – This web-based tool enables you to give away a free preview or a free “grabb” of the entire book to potential readers when they share your book on their social media profiles. You also get access to analytics on your reader demographics.

The model is simple: you share your Bookgrabbr link to your social media, and your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections receive a sample of your book in return for sharing it with their friends, who can then share it with their friends, and on and on.

What you get:

  • 25 promotional BookStub™ cards to give away
  • A one-year subscription to BookGrabbr:
    • 25 “grabbs” of the full book to drive early shares
    • Unlimited book preview “grabbs”
    • Quarterly reports that include likes, shares, grabbs, impressions, etc.
  • A buy button with a link to purchase your book

To order or to learn more about this service, email your Marketing Consultant at or call 0800 443 678 (or +44 20 3014 4095 if calling from outside New Zealand).

This service is only available for live titles available in e-book format. It is most effective for authors who have an established following of fans, followers, and connections on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may apply.