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Xlibris Author Offers His Readers the Chance to Win $2,000

Xlibris Author Martin Skogsbeck spearheads innovative book marketing contest requiring his book’s readers to solve hidden clues.

June 19, 2012 - Xlibris Publishing, the leading provider of self-publishing and book marketing services for authors around the globe, is proud to showcase author Martin Skogsbeck’s innovative code breaking challenge to help launch his new novel, Destructive Interference. ‘The Poe Competition,’ launched on Skogsbeck’s dedicated Poe Competition website, offers keen puzzle enthusiasts the chance to win cash prizes from a pool of $6,000.

The competition takes its inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe. Just like in his short story The Gold-Bug, readers have to crack a secret set of codes and hidden messages by finding the nine 'Poe Clues' that Skogsbeck has incorporated throughout his book. The first three readers to correctly identify all nine clues will be contacted via email and will each win a $2,000 cash prize.

“Poe is one of my favourite authors and good old Edgar was often right beside me when I wrote the book. So I slipped in some clues about him, at first without really thinking of it,” said Skogsbeck. “As homage to the great writer I thought I’d give his numerous fans an opportunity to apply their imagination and creativity to a new set of secret messages. I’m confident some of them will solve all the nine clues — Poe aficionados tend to be both methodological and persistent!”

“It’s the first time ever I’ve seen a similar marketing initiative and it’s bound to get the attention of a lot of Poe fans. For them, the challenge of ‘cracking the code’ is probably more important than the cash! And the book is a great read even without the prize money!” said Skogsbeck’s agent, Marianne Nicoloso.

The Poe Competition is open to everyone. For further information, go to On January 19, 2013 — Poe’s 204th birthday — he correct answers to the nine clues will be posted on the site. For further questions regarding The Poe Competition, please contact Marianne Nicoloso at