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Former Escort Bares Past In Self-Published Memoir

Xlibris self-published author and former escort Gwyneth Montenegro, after battling and conquering her own personal demons, mustered up the courage to pen her story in a tell-all memoir titled 10,000 Men and Counting.

The intriguing title of the book itself was enough to land her a handful of media interviews worldwide—from the United States to the United Kingdom to Hong Kong, among others. Her story also immediately became viral online as it was picked up by the Daily Mail and the Australian, to name a few.

However, the book is not just about Gwyneth’s numerous sexual encounters. It includes the story of how and why she wound up working for the escort industry, the decadent lifestyle that ensued, the turning point of her life, and of course, her transformation into a respected businesswoman and self-published author.

In the early stages of manuscript production, Gwyneth already knew that self-publishing her memoir was the perfect way to go. The fact that she could retain all rights to her work while maintaining full creative control of her book was more than enough for her to go the supported self-publishing route.

Gwyneth’s purpose of sharing her story to the world is simple—it’s meant to inspire people who are also going through a similar situation as hers.

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