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No Writer Too Young to Publish

A lot of writers can pen their story, but only a few are determined to publish it. Titus Bonifacio was a determined one—and not even his young age could stop him from publishing his book, Landon: The Superhero of the Worlds!

At just ten years old, Titus didn’t just pen his own story; he also drew the illustrations himself! His mom, Jean M. Pioso, revealed that Titus has always showed signs of precociousness—even at eight months old. Titus, for his part, looks up to his mom as his inspiration. In fact, they travel together on the weekends to promote his book.

Titus has also been on several book tours and book-signing events. He attended the Annual Tucson Festival of Books and the AARP Spring Conference in Boston, among others. He also participated in this year’s Miami Book Fair International.

This literary prodigy’s book-marketing efforts have been fruitful so far. He was recently recognized as one of San Diego’s youngest local authors and even landed several newspaper interviews and a television feature. All the literary efforts of Titus are not just for himself, though, as he is allocating a portion of his book sales to help underprivileged kids in the Philippines.

Titus’s literary venture is quite a feat for such a very young author. Know more about his literary adventures in the full feature on the Xlibris Blog.