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Dr. Jerry Jennings: Bearing Witness to Hope & Love


Dr. Jerry Jennings is an accomplished clinical psychologist who also happens to be a screenwriter and a self-published author. But his is no ordinary fling with writing. No, he's not your average garden-variety weekend keyboard warrior.

This January, Xlibris puts Dr. Jennings in the author spotlight, and he reveals how his lifelong writing aspirations have perfectly meshed with his professional career, proof of which lies in the fact that he has published over thirty scholarly works in professional journals and publications in psychology, philosophy, and forensic psychology.

But it's not merely his profession that has benefited from his writing. Dr. Jennings' background as a historian and psychologist has also proved to be a boon to his other pursuits. It has added vivid insight to his award-winning screenplays and has given his self-published works—Stella´s Secret (2005), Darkness Hides the Flowers (2007), and I Choose Life (2009)—depth, sensitivity, and intensity.

Find out about Dr. Jennings' writing influences and his keen professional interest in the Holocaust, which has borne witness to the bravest acts of altruism, the brightest hope, and the deepest love in the most harrowing and hellish of horrors.

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