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Lynette Collins


Collins identifies herself as “a happily married woman, and a devoted mother to my two beautiful children who I have raised to be my best friends.” She adds that she has spent her entire life working hard in her family’s business to show her children that working hard pays off and will provide them with everything they will need. “Now that they have grown up, I have more time to invest into my dream of writing and to start achieve my own personal goals of becoming who I was born to be,” Collins says.

A major source of literary inspiration for Collins has been the works of Beatrix Potter. Collins struggles with dyslexia and as a child, though she could never read Potter’s books, she always loved the illustrations. “I felt like, even though I couldn’t read the words on the page, I could still understand the story being told.” When she had children of her own, Collins made it her personal mission to overcome her dyslexia. “I would read them Potter’s books and fall in love with them all over again. I have always had a vivid imagination and now I have the tools to bring my voice to life by creating my books,” she says.

The Blueberry Possums - And How They Came to Be is a cute and sometimes funny little story following Potter, a very stubborn little possum who simply does not like to feel the dirt beneath her feet. It is a feel-good story about remaining true to one’s self, finding and building a life where you are accepted for who you are, and creating something beautiful for the future that never was before.

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