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Seizing Success: Dr. Timothy Pychyl and His Groundbreaking Book on Procrastination


Latin poet Horace could not have it put any more succinctly when he came up with the aphorism carpe diem, which means ‘seize the day.’ This notion is firmly embraced by Xlibris and newly minted Tarcher Publishing author Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl in his book entitled The Procrastinator’s Digest: A Concise Guide to Solving the Procrastination Puzzle.

An associate professor at Carletown University in Ottawa, Canada, Pychyl has dedicated a lot of his time to researching about procrastination, leading him to earn the reputation as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the matter. Certainly, he has not earned the moniker Dr. Procrastination for nothing, as he was awarded the prestigious 3M National Teaching Fellowship award in his career as an educator.

With numerous journal entries along with conference presentations and blog contributions on multiple websites, Dr. Pychyl continues to educate readers on how they might use what psychologists understand about self-regulation failure to reduce procrastination in their own lives. In order to make such information accessible and comprehensible, he even presents his ideas in comic strips that he makes in partnership with co-author Paul Mason.

Recently, Dr. Pychyl signed up with Tarcher Publishing, Penguin USA’s imprint made specifically for titles that promote overall wellness. The development was met with excitement by Tarcher/Penguin vice president Joel Fotinos, who expressed their company’s enthusiasm for republishing Pychl’s book.

‘Tarcher/Penguin is excited to sign up one of Author Solutions’ success stories and bring it to an even wider audience. We are always looking for books that inspire people to live their greatest lives, and Dr. Pychyl’s book helps readers do just that by showing them how they can overcome the damaging and pervasive habit of procrastination. Dr. Pychyl’s expertise, humour, and passion for helping people cope with this issue inspired us, and we’re honoured to publish this book,’ Fotinos said.

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