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How To Write A Press Release


by Xlibris

OK, you've got your book and now you're trying to figure out how to let people know about it. You're approaching bookstores and newspaper editors and just about anybody who might be in a position to get your name and the title of your book out there. It's definitely time to write a press release.

"Get to the point directly in clear, non-cutesy-poo language, also eschewing self-said fluffery," advises Daniel P. Dern, Executive Editor of, who's read (and also written) his share of press releases. "Editors don't have time to read things more than once to figure out what something means."

In fact, the better written your press release is, the better those editors and vendors are going to like you and be willing to provide coverage. Angela Adair-Hoy, the woman behind Writers Weekly and the successful author of several self-publishing titles, had considerable success with a press release she wrote up after having shut down a website for copyright infringement. The headline read: "How to Lose Your Website with the Click of a Button" and the release, says Adair-Hoy, was very newsy and non-promotional. The Internet news sites picked it up and ran it just as it was.

A book-related press release can accompany review copies of your book, or it can be faxed or mailed to simply generate interest.