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We've got questions and they've got answers. Established authors of every genre discuss matters of publishing and writing with the Xlibris Community.

Angela Adair-Hoy talks about how her e-zine and participation in newsgroups contributed to her phenomenal success as a self-publisher. Why wait for a traditional publisher to come along, she asks, when you can go ahead and start making money now with electronic publishing?

Amit Gilboa author of Off the Rails in Phnom Penh, explains how rejection letters forced him to look outside the box for solutions — and how successful those solutions were.

Jim Grimsley author of five novels and a number of plays, talks about the publication of his first novel in Germany, the universal lament of the writer, and the virtue of patience.

Jim Munroe's first novel was published by HarperCollins. His second novel was self-published. Did he go mad, or just get fed up with big publishing houses?

Gloria Naylor shares her two cents' worth on publishing industry issues that impact African-American readers, authors, and literature in general. She also discusses how a good writer can cross just about any cultural divide.

M. J. Rose discusses everything from her online publishing success to writing under a pseudonym. She's also got a thing or two to say about self-publishing and the future of the industry.

Janet Wong is a lawyer-turned-children's-author who creates poetry for kids like you've never experienced before. She works closely with schools and libraries throughout the country and wants people to know poetry for kids is a lot more sophisticated than it used to be.