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Congratulations on putting the final full stop on that manuscript. But how do readers get to see your tangled tale of amorous affections? Walking side by side with you is your self-publishing partner, Xlibris, who introduces its Romance Publishing Package. With this service, tailored specifically for romance authors, we offer unique features in design, production, post-production, and marketing.

Unsurprisingly—for we all need a little love in our lives—the romance genre is the top-seller in the world, outperforming other fields such as fantasy and science fiction. In 2013, revenues from the romance genre were double that of its nearest competitor, Mystery, and stood at USD 1.08 billion.

Romance fuses delightfully with other genres, and whether your story of love involves a thriller or adventure in the past, present, or future—and on this planet or another—Xlibris Romance Publishing is here as a matchmaker between your needs and our supported self-publishing services.



Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Shipping and handling for book copies, if any, are not included in the publishing package price. Some restrictions may apply.