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Too often we’re just doing life, you know, reacting to life. We often don’t stop to evaluate, “Am I where to I want to be?”

Obviously there’s so much we can’t control, right? We can’t control the weather. We can’t control various external things that happen. However, we can control our reaction to that. So being the active director to our lives is about being proactive with what’s going on versus to just reacting to what’s being brought to us.

Self-Publishing Her Book to Help Others

So I have a private practice in counseling and psychology. I see people in my office—individuals and I want to work with adults now. I also work with couples. I’m known in the area for my specialty groups. I do group counseling, I do some coaching, and I do a lot of teaching and workshops. And really, my wish in writing this book (that came out from writing the book, I ought to say) is that I could reach more people globally. This book’s a little different in a sense that it is meant to be reused, to reevaluate where you’re at—certain chapters in particular. So this book is to the point. There’s very little fluff, and it covers the core areas we all need to look at. It’s my hope that whoever runs across this book will take the time for themselves.

Choosing to Self-Publish with Xlibris

And Xlibris, I’ve had a great experience with them personally. This is actually my second book published with Xlibris. I had such a good experience the first time. I found their staff very attentive and helpful. I was extremely excited. I had in my mind what I wanted because I knew this was about becoming the actor and director of your life. I wanted that theater kind of stuff. So, you know, I didn’t meet with anybody in person. It was all over the phone, and I was able to communicate what I wanted. And I loved the design they came up with. It was awesome!

Encouraging Others to Self-Publish

I will encourage people to consider self-publishing. Most importantly, I will encourage people that if they know in their heart that they have a book they you want to do, to stop waiting and do it. Stop waiting. There’s really no excuse for you not to do it, you know? Because Xlibris gives you every opportunity to do it.

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