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AUTHOR VIDEOS: Mathew Knowles


My passion is to educate and to motivate in two areas: in entrepreneurship and music business. That’s my clear passion and I can articulate that so well because it comes from my heart.

I wanted to write a book. And I really was torn—is it going to be a Destiny’s Child book? Or is it going to be a Matthew Knowles story? Or is it going to be from an intellectual, educational, and motivational perspective? And I chose that. I chose this to be an inspirational and motivational book. I wanted to have thirty of my best friends who are highly, highly successful to be interviewed and to give their feedback on the book as well.

Choosing to Self-Publish

Well, my thoughts on self-publishing? Because I’m in the music industry and I own an independent record label, [my thoughts are] similar: It gives us the opportunity to really control how our product is put out in the marketplace—how it’s marketed, where it’s distributed. It gives us more control. And that’s the point of self-publishing.

Self-Publishing with Xlibris

I believe it was challenging in the beginning. I’ll be very honest. There were a lot of moving parts, and then myself being new at it, there was understanding terminology in the publishing world. At the end, we put the pieces together.

Educating Others Through His Book

Well my plan and idea is for all of America to have my books on their shelves. And I want it in the classroom—and so that’s where I’m headed right now as an author, and as an educator, and as a motivator.

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