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AUTHOR VIDEOS: Paula and Tommie Artis


Paula and Tommie Artis Become First-Time Authors with Xlibris Publishing

Becoming First-Time Authors

Most people know that if it’s your first writing, you’re very nervous and you don’t know what the outcome is going to be. As we explored other publishers, they didn’t offer the passion and the connection that Xlibris did from their staff. They took the time to explain to you what you were getting into and not try to make you change your story into their story. They help you tell your story and your life journey.

Working with Xlibris

With Xlibris, they’re very helpful, they’re concerning people, they’re caring people, and they stayed and talked to us to make sure that everything was going right and we had everything that we needed. Any advice, any information we needed with our books—they’re right there for us.

Just looking at the cover of the book and the inside of the book, they did a very good job. I was just overwhelmed at the complete project of the book.

We would recommend Xlibris to other authors because of the experience we had. It would be a blessing to them to work with the same people we worked with. We encourage them because this is something new for all of us: breaking into a new adventure. But we would recommend it to other people who already have.

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