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AUTHOR VIDEOS: Vanessa Townsend


My name is Vanessa Townsend, and I’ve published five children’s picture books. My first book was What’s in Molly’s Garden?, and Molly basically inspired me to create that book. Just watching her every day, we’d play on her garden play mat that had lots of lady boots, nails, flowers, butterflies. I find that it’s easy to write about someone or something that you love. And Molly, just watching her, she was an inspiration to me and allowed my imagination to come to the surface again.

I chose Xlibris because you are guaranteed to be published basically. I don’t have to wait six or so months or more for a traditional publisher to look at your book. And even then, there’s no guarantee with a traditional publisher that you’d get published. Xlibris has a wide range of publishing packages. They allow you to have full control over your book and in its design. They’re also nonexclusive so you can publish with other publishers. You also earn royalties in every book sale you make. And I just like the processes and their people. We’re just approaching New Zealand bookstores. It just takes time to do that. We’ve got our own website,, and we’ll probably do some more bookstore readings. But initially, it was just exciting for me to create a book that was based around my daughter and to have it distributed online worldwide. Purchase the series now, and enjoy what it has for your child because your children will love following Molly on her everyday adventures and watching her interact with the objects and creatures that she discovers along the way.

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